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Oral B Pro 1500 Review

As any Oral B Pro 1500 review shows, this electric toothbrush is a true workhorse that delivers a superb cleaning performance and comes with essential features like a built-in timer, pressure sensor and quad-pacer.
It is not Bluetooth enabled and does not offer extra brush heads or a travel case. You’ll get two modes of cleaning and  a comfortable, slim handle that offers a firm grip for ease of use.

So before going into a detailed Oral-B Pro 1500 review, here are the most critical bits of information you’ll need to know before buying this electric toothbrush

3 Essential Points You Must Know About Oral-B Pro 1500

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Should you buy the Oral-B Pro 1500 Cross Action electric toothbrush – or not?

If you need more information or details about the Oral-B Pro 1500 read the full review that follows this section.

1. Is there a major flaw with this toothbrush?

No. This is a very good electric toothbrush that does its job of cleaning extremely well. It is absolutely the best for those with sensitive teeth.

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It does not have many extra features that most people don’t even use. The Oral B 1500 Cross Action is a simple and straightforward toothbrush that does the job of keeping your teeth clean well. Maybe you’ll appreciate a travel case being included in the package, but if you rarely travel, it won’t matter much.

2. Are there any alternatives to look at instead?

The Oral-B Pro 1500 is an upgraded version of the Oral-B Pro 1000 with some extra features and superior technology.

The Oral-B Pro 1000 is a good brush by itself and does an excellent job of maintaining oral hygiene and dental health. So if price matters a lot, or you don’t want to spend an extra $20, get the Oral-B Pro 1000.

If you’re willing to spend just a bit more and would like extra features, more cleaning modes, Bluetooth connectivity, a slightly better design with improved cleaning abilities, then check out the Oral-B Pro 6000. With all those extra capabilities, it’s worth the extra price.

But in its own lane, there are few electric toothbrush models that really compete against the Oral-B Pro 1500 Cross Action

3. Where to buy the Oral-B Pro 1500?

Retail stores like Walmart, BestBuy and Walgreens usually stock all models of the Oral B Pro line of electric toothbrushes.

Your best bet is an online e-commerce portal like Amazon. Here you’ll not only get the best prices but can also enjoy discounts on special sale days, or use coupons that will help you save up to 30% at times.

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Ok, with that out of the way, let’s move on to this Oral-B Pro 1500 review.

Oral-B Pro 1500 Review

An improved version of the very popular Oral-B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush is the Oral-B Pro 1500

Oral-B has taken an already good product and made small improvements to it, transforming the Pro 1500 into a much superior toothbrush.

Most of these improvements are minor, such as tweaks in form factor. But collectively these small improvements add up to make a great final product.

It is probably the best value for money electric toothbrush today.

What’s in the box?

  • Oral-B Pro 1500 rechargeable toothbrush
  • Charging station
  • 1 x CrossAction brush head
  • User manual

Key Features of Oral B Pro 1500

  • Oral-B Pro 1500 cleans with a 3D movement – oscillating, rotating and pulsating
  • 2 cleaning modes – Daily Clean and Sensitive
  • Great at removing dental plaque
  • Inbuilt pressure sensor
  • Quadpacer and timer
  • Battery life of 2 weeks


  • light-weight, slim with a good grip.
  • 2 cleaning modes for effective cleaning
  • built-in timer to help you brush for recommended 2 minutes
  • quad-pacer for uniform cleaning of all parts of the mouth
  • 2 weeks’ battery life with Lithium-ion cell
  • approved by American Dental Association


  • no extra brush head
  • no travel case

Oral-B Pro 1500 Review: Looks & Appearance

Oral B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush review

The Oral-B Pro 1500 is an upgraded version of the Oral-B Pro 1000. Oral-B has made small but important technical improvements that make an already good product great.

The improvements affect the motor and battery. The manufacturers have added an extra cleaning mode option too. And the pressure sensor is now visible.

The sleek Oral-B Pro 1500’s all-white color scheme might appear clinical, but it does feel great in your hand due to its light-weight, slim, cylindrical handle.

At just 129 grams, it is easy to handle. You can hold it firmly because of the extra grips and grooves provided along the handle.

The toothbrush has two parts.

The brush handle contains the motor, battery and electronics that help to run the brush. The other part is the brush head.

Minimalist in the looks department with its plain white color, there is just the power button with a series of small ridges directing your thumb or finger towards the button.

An orange-red plastic panel at the neck of brush, is the visible pressure sensor.

To make the handle easier to grip, there is a soft, white rubber strip running down the middle. There are more grips in the form of plastic ridges along the back of the handle also.

A battery indicator near the bottom of the handle tells you when it is time to recharge the toothbrush. Typically the battery lasts for about 2 weeks and the indicator changes color when the battery runs down.

As the bottom is flat and broad, the Oral-B Pro 1500 electric toothbrush can stand upright on your bathroom counter. The recess at the bottom of the handle will fit into the charging stand provided along with your purchase.

Oral B Pro 1500 Review: Features & Function

In features and function, this is an exceptional electric toothbrush.


To start the brush, just press the power button at the top of the handle and it will launch by default into the powerful Daily Clean mode, with the brush motor running at full strength.

If you prefer less intensity, choose the Sensitive mode instead. To switch into Sensitive mode, press the power button one more time and it changes mode.

3D Cleaning

While Daily Clean offers a deep, refreshing clean, Sensitive Clean is gentle with a massaging action for the gums.

With a more powerful motor than the Oral-B 1000 model, the Oral-B Pro 1500 Cross Action electric toothbrush delivers a better cleaning performance.

It works on 3D cleaning action where the small brush head rotates, oscillates and pulsates inside your mouth to free the teeth of plaque and debris, leaving it clean and fresh.

Oral B 3D brushing technology

Powerful Cleaning

In the Daily Clean mode you’ll get 9900 oscillations and 45,000 pulsations per minute with the Oral-B Pro 1500

Even in Sensitive mode, the motor oscillates the head 7,400 times and pulsates 33,000 times per minute.

This is some serious power and cleaning action which effectively removes 100% more plaque than any manual toothbrush can manage. But for this to be really effective you need to have the right brushing technique.

Pressure Sensor

Having a pressure sensor in the handle of your Oral-B Pro 1500 is a great feedback mechanism for first time users of an electric toothbrush.

When you press down too hard while brushing, it activates the back of the brush handle to light up (the orange-red panel). The panel glows right in your face, letting you know. You can reduce the pressure, thereby preventing tooth and gum damage.

When the pressure sensor is activated, the brush handle also reduces motor power. This lower power is maintained until you stop pressing hard. Then it goes back to full power.

With an electric toothbrush, the bristles should just skim over the tooth surface as you move the brush head around your mouth. Over time you’ll learn not to apply too much pressure. In a week or two you will master the correct technique.

In-built Timer

Dentists recommend brushing for 2 minutes, twice a day.

Oral B Pro 6000 review

To help you brush for the required 2 minutes, you have an inbuilt timer that activates as soon as you press the power on with the Oral-B Pro 1500

Once the two minutes are up, the motor pauses 3 times to let you know. You can either stop, or continue brushing a little longer depending on your needs.

The brush will continue running until you turn it off. There is no automatic shut-off.

Quad pacer

At 30 seconds intervals the motor briefly pauses, alerting you to move to next quadrant of your mouth. That way you can cover all the 4 quadrants of the mouth evenly – upper right, upper left, lower right and lower left.

Quad pacer uses the timer to measure out these 30 seconds intervals.

Oral B Pro 1500 Review : Brush Heads

Oral B Brush Heads

When you buy the Oral-B Pro 1500, inside the box you get a brush head… a Cross Action

This is a standard brush that Oral-B supplies with all its brushes. It is the type that offers complete cleaning for your teeth and gums.

The brush head is designed with clusters of bristles that are angled at 16 degrees to each other. The bristles move in ways to disturb the debris and bacteria hiding in the crevices between and behind your teeth.

Brushing in the Deep Clean mode leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean every time.

Oral-B has conducted studies which show that brushing with their electric toothbrushes removes 300% more plaque from the gum line and surfaces of teeth compared to brushing with manual toothbrush.

Gum line plaque is major cause of gum disease (gingivitis). Swollen gums, bleeding gums or even red gums may be the result of plaque build-up along the gum line. In early stages of the disease, this is completely reversible with good brushing.

You can improve your gum health within weeks by using the Oral-B Pro 1500

With Sensitive mode in use, the process is comfortable and pain-free.

Cross-Compatible Brush Heads

There are several other types of Oral-B brush heads available. All are compatible with the same brush handle. You can change to whichever head you want.

The brush head options available are

  • CrossAction
  • Deep Sweep
  • Precision Clean
  • FlossAction
  • Sensitive
  • 3D White
  • Ortho

These brush heads are sold separately and work with the two cleaning modes. You could buy any of them as they all fit the Oral-B Pro 1500

The Sensitive head works great with Sensitive mode to offer a gentle but thorough cleansing for those with delicate gums or sensitive teeth.

If you have normal teeth and need a regular, good cleaning, then the CrossAction brush head is the best.

Deep Sweep has a larger brush head and sweeps back and forth over the teeth. If you don’t like rotary action, then this brush head could be an ideal option for you.

Whatever brush head you use, make sure to replace it at least once every 3 months.

For many users, it is a stretch to remember when to replace brush heads. Don’t worry about it though. Indicator bristles will come to your rescue!

As the blue bristles on the brush head slowly lose color and turn pale blue or white over time, you’ll know it’s time to replace the head. Only original Oral-B brush heads have these fading indicator bristles.

Oral B Pro 1500 Review : Other Features

ADA Approval

Oral-B Pro 1500 has the seal of approval from the American Dental Association. This means it has met and surpassed standards set by the independent board for quality and performance.

Water Resistant

A completely sealed handle makes this brush water resistant to being wet or even soaked. It is okay to use it in the shower but it is recommended that you not submerge it in water.

It can be rinsed under running water under the tap. However, the charging stand is not waterproof.


Like all other Oral-B brush models the Oral-B Pro 1500 also comes with the standard 2-year warranty. If the brush malfunctions or doesn’t work as it should the manufacturer will replace it at no cost to you, provided the damage is not caused by your actions.

In a nutshell

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With the Oral-B Pro 1500 Cross Action electric toothbrush, you’ll get:

  • a sleek and slim brush handle
  • very comfortable to hold and brush
  • a CrossAction brush head
  • if you need extra or different brush heads you can buy them.
  • provides a deep and refreshing clean every time.
  • comes with a built-in pressure sensor that provides visual feedback
  • built-in timer and quad-pacer ensure that you brush for the optimum time
  • comes with ADA approval
  • 2-year warranty
  • 2-week battery life

Oral-B Pro 1500 Review : Battery Life

Oral-B brush handles once had a major drawback – a short battery life in comparison to Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes.

Some of the Oral-B toothbrushes would last just one week before they needed to be recharged. Things have improved over the years. Now, with the Oral-B Pro 1500 they have become much better.

Even with its slim handle, battery life has doubled and lasts for 2 weeks of typical use at 2 minutes of brushing twice a day.

Oral-B Pro 1500 uses a Lithium-Ion battery in the handle instead of the NiMH that was used in earlier models. This battery takes 12 hours to charge fully when drained. You can also leave it on the charging station all the time without any danger.

The battery charge icon on the brush handle flashes green when recharging. When the battery charge is down, the icon will flash red and brush motor power also decreases.

If you travel frequently and for long, then you will have to take the charging stand and voltage adaptors along.


The Oral-B Pro 1500 comes close to being an electric toothbrush that offers all the essential features needed in a toothbrush.
It offers two cleaning modes, has a timer with quad-pacer, reasonable battery life of 2 weeks on a single charge, offers a CrossAction brush head for effectively removing plaque and cleaning teeth and is priced attractively to suit most budgets.

An extra brush head and travel case would have made it even better but that’s not a big deal as you can buy a brush head of your choice for about $5.

If you’re looking for a decent, powerful electric toothbrush that is highly effective at removing dental plaque, and which will improve your dental health and oral hygiene at affordable cost, then you’ll make a great choice with the Oral-B Pro 1500 Cross Action

You can buy it conveniently from home at an e-commerce portal like and have the product shipped promptly to your doorstep.

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Hopefully, this review was helpful in guiding you to decide about the Oral-B Pro 1500

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