Best Electric Toothbrush Reviews

Oral-B Pulsonic Electric Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush Reviews #5: When you want whiter, brighter teeth so that your brilliant smile can dazzle your friends and family, then try the Oral-B Pulsonic Electric Toothbrush that’s designed especially for this purpose.

Slim and light so that you will find it easy to maneuver while brushing, the Oral-B Pulsonic Electric Toothbrush features a contoured brush head that uses Pulsonic bristles. That’s what makes this one of the best electric toothbrush designs. The Pulsonic bristles are very effective at polishing off the surface of your teeth, removing stains and leaving them bright, clean and whiter.

The Precision Tip bristles that incorporate an Interspace design enabling reach into spaces between teeth is helpful in getting rid of plaque and tartar. The Sonic technology driving 27K vibrations every minute generates a dynamic cleaning action which loosens even the most stubborn plaques. Healthy gums and whiter teeth can become your new reality in just a couple of weeks.

What’s even better about the Oral-B Pulsonic Electric Toothbrush is that you get customized brushing in two modes – Clean, which helps with plaque removal and overall teeth cleaning, and Sensitive, which is specially designed for those with gum disease and sensitive teeth.

A timer is included in the design, making it easier for you to comply with the dentist’s recommendation of two minute teeth brushing divided equally among the four quadrants. Switching between quadrants at thirty second intervals is aided by a beep at the end of each interval. By using the Oral-B Pulsonic Electric Toothbrush regularly for a few weeks, you’ll enjoy dramatic results with your teeth and gums. The device is sold along with a charger and stand so that you can easily recharge your batteries after around 40 uses.

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